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In The Spotlight

Mike Patel’s achievements are indeed impressive.

While he is unimpressed with himself, his fine and hard work has been properly recognized by others:

  • His "12 Points of Fair Franchising" introduced during his chairmanship of AAHOA have become a benchmark reference for all franchise-based industries, as well as by the United States Congress

  • The Award for International Cooperation presented by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair saluted Mike’s "commitment and contributions to improving relations between ethnic communities around the world, notably the U.S., U.K. and India"

  • The Ellis Island Medal of Honor from the National Ethic Coalition (NECO) recognized Mike as being among immigrants who have distinguished themselves as citizens of the U.S. and have enabled their ancestry groups to maintain their identities while becoming integral parts of American life

  • Today - with a balance of confidence and humility -- Mike Patel continues to be active in business and in the community. Because his nature is getting things done!